Month: September 2018

The Future of The Automobile Industry

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self drivingAll companies involved in the auto industry be it automobile manufacturers such as Tesla, auto dealers or even towing ones such asĀ are all looking at ways to innovate and create personalized solutions for their customers. Just like how cars can do much more than just making calls, the car can do much more than driving and parking. Over the recent years, the automotive industry has worked for hand in hand with major tech companies in order to deliver the most advanced, convenient, safest and most comfortable vehicles out there.

There is no shortage of the ways cars are improving by the day. They are becoming smarter and they can now perform a range of tasks. In the coming years, we expect the car industry to produce even tremendous results. They are taking closer steps to achieve a more connected and digitized environment. Here are some of the most tremendous achievements technology-wise that we can look forward when it comes to the auto industry.

More fuel efficient rides

When it comes to fuel-efficient rides, Tesla is at the forefront. It has been releasing a huge number of electric and hybrid vehicles that can take you hundreds of miles with just a single charge. In the year 2016, over 2 million electric cars were sold worldwide and this number is expected to rise tremendously in the near future. More auto manufacturers are now embracing implementing electric vehicle tech to their deliverables. Companies such as General Motors and Volkswagen have recently unveiled electric cars in the category of their fleet.


Predictive Vehicle Technology

techWhen it comes to the future of the automobile industry, artificial intelligence and machine learning have major roles to play. The car industry is embracing a lot of predictive capabilities in creating a more personalized driving experience. More manufacturers are now applying algorithms that make use of data to process a vehicle’s setting including its infotainment system as well as its application preferences. Vehicles are now becoming IoT devices which are connected to smartphones and user’s voice commands in relation to the user interface.


Self-driving technology

Much has been made when it comes to self-driving technology. Just a while ago, most companies were testing the functionalities of their self-driving cars on open roads. A number of cars now have semi-autonomous capabilities that take the form of driver-assisted technologies. There are some vital developments that have been made including automatic-braking sensors, mapping technologies that can monitor blind spots, motorway lane sensors, cameras both in the back and front of a car, self-parking capabilities as well as adaptive cruise control.


Car-as-a-Service (CaaS)

CaaS refers to a developing car rental service that allows city drivers to participate in a ride-sharing service. Smart devices can now be connected to a car with driverless technology using an app. The car then picks them for their transportation and delivery needs. The greatest thing about this technology is that there is no driver’s license that is needed to access these vehicles. Some of the greatest minds in the tech and auto industry have joined hands to improve the way we interact with vehicles.


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How to Start Your Day with a Positive Attitude

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waking upEvery day is a new day and even if something was amiss yesterday, a modern day should brighten your day for the challenges ahead. That is the positive mentally I wake up with before starting offering Towing Service in Centreville VA. In the words of Mother Teresa; Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We only have today, let us begin. If you are not a morning person, it can be a bit difficult to start your day on a positive note. However, by performing simple tasks such as stretching and going up for a quick run, you can increase your endorphin levels and begin your day feeling pumped.

Research has shown that morning people are more productive and positive than night owls. Now that we have established how precious starting your day in the morning can have mental benefits, let us pay a closer look at what you can do to raise your morning productivity;

Start the night before

If you wake up feeling more exhausted than the previous day, the chances are that you are a culprit of sleeplessness. Instead of focusing on watching just one more episode, turn off that TV and get to bed as early as you can. Dedicate at least 6-8 hours to get quality sleep. If you can’t fall asleep immediately, you may try reading a book as you are bound to drift off soon enough.

Stretch yourself out

Stretching is something you can do while still in the bed. Stretching your limbs and joints out as much as you can trigger the release of dopamine which is a hormone that boosts your mood, self-esteem as well as energy. You can pair the breathing with a few breathing exercises to waking up on the positive side to start your day.

Take a moment to reflect

ReflectWhen you wake up, you should take some time to meditate and reflect on what’s ahead of you for the day. You need to take a moment of personal praise. If you are continually moving from one task to the next during the day, you might feel anxious or incompetent. If you find fault within yourself especially in situations that you don’t have control, you might end up feeling less motivated. You may avoid sabotaging yourself by trying simple tasks to boost your mood. Think about the top qualities you are proud of as this will make you feel more positive.

Express Gratitude

Just as it is essential to praise yourself, it is equally important to give thanks to the people who help you in your endeavors. People who express gratitude on issues about their life are more optimistic about life in general. You need to establish a connection between yourself, a positive attitude and good health. You may need to pick your phone and make a call to your friends and parents to tell them how lucky your day is. Don’t forget to drink much water. After long hours of rest, your body will wake up feeling dehydrated, and there is need to wake it up by drinking lots of water.




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