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The Dos and Don’ts of Sales Prospecting

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Prospecting is the bread and butter of sales. Businesses such as tow truck woodbridge that want to gain more customers must engage in a serious campaign on prospecting. Maintaining a steady flow of new prospects into a sales pipeline will ensure you have continuous and healthy growth of your business. Regardless of your sales process, at some time, you will need to engage your prospects in a live conversation. Here are some important dos and don’ts if you want to get it right in the world of prospecting.


You need to do the homework. The more informed you are, the greater your chances of converting a call into a meeting. The research you make should involve scouring the company website for things related to your pitch, and analyzing the social presence of the individuals you want to speak to. Doing that will enable you to come up with a more customized opening as well as better and more targeted questions. This level of care can be very important and a defining moment to closing a deal. Even if you are lacking the time to do the research, ensure you get at least the basic details.


Once you have made it past the gatekeeper’s stage, the next big task is to close the meeting. The best way to go about it is to inform while being honest. Never try to generate interest with an attitude of mutual discovery. Never use canning tactics to get the prospect to agree to meet you. Always strive to show the value of your product and convince your prospects even before agreeing to meet them. Always listen keenly and give your prospects room to express their thoughts.


They say prospecting is a number’s game, but not like a lottery. This means you should never power through your call list in vain with the hope of speaking to anyone who comes to your other side of the call. Always strive to maximize your chances with each prospect and be fully prepared to close. Always confirm the face-to-face meetings you arrange with your prospects.

There is no doubt you will get some couple rejections along the way, and that should never be a reason for you to stop. Always keep moving. When you get a rejection, take it positively and as a moment of learning. Reflect on what might have gone wrong. It is that your approach was not the most desirable or does it mean you didn’t attract the right prospects who fit the bill of your ideal customer? If that is the case, what and where can you improve?

When you get a chance to meet a prospect, never waste their time. Always be brief to the point. Show your mastery of the product or service you want to sell to your client. Never sound too sales and extremely convincing, because doing so will make your prospects shun doing business with you. Always give your prospects time to express themselves and get to learn something from them.

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Content Guide to Thought Leadership

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There are those people who seem to know a lot in different industries they have started business in, be it in towing service, technology, fashion, among others. Similarly, as a marketer, being an expert in your field is very important. To be one, you must have impeccable skills to drive traffic to your site, nurture and convert leads, and build brand authority as well as leads. This is where thought leadership comes in.

What is thought leadership

Thought leadership is a tactic used by content marketers to build credibility for themselves as leaders in their industry. The main goal of thought leadership is to become a recognized expert and a go-to resource in your field. To become a thought leader, you must create and promote content that is educational and helpful, and become very active in communities and all places related to your field.

When it comes to thought leadership marketing, there are a couple of things involved, which include the following;

Know and learn from your audience

Knowing your audience is key to succeeding with any marketing strategy. You will need to begin by building your buyer persona. Look at key issues such as what motives them, what inspires them, and what is causing them pain. Seek to know what questions they are asking by looking at common places they hang such as in communities and social media. Once you have this data, begin answering their questions with thought leadership content.

Be active on social media

Social media presents an effective platform to build your brand and expertise. Social media will keep you active and engaged with your community. Additionally, you can use it to create and drive engagements with your followers, and ensure your brand is heard. You can also use social media to promote thought leadership content organically without looking too promotional.

Publish content

You must ensure you publish content in a variety of places. Creating thought leadership doesn’t just mean you will only be posting on your blog. You must be active on social media, do guest posts, speak at events as well as doing podcasts. You must mix it up with owned media as well, Additionally, consider having a combination of written content and video content such as on YouTube.

Keep track of the competition

You must analyze what competitors are doing as well. If your competitors are creating thought leadership content, ensure you analyze what they are creating, how often they are doing it, the places they are posting. Additionally, never be afraid of getting inspiration from them. You can also look to see what they are missing and perhaps you can develop content that covers what they are missing.

It is also very important to ensure you create valuable content. Show that you are an expert in your field by speaking intelligently on the specific issues related to your industry. It is important to dig deep and show that you are an expert in your field. Additionally, be genuine in everything you do, as by being so, people will trust you more.

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Tactics to Build a Bigger Email List for Your Small Business

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There is a common understanding and wisdom among all digital marketers that your email list is an owned property and asset, that you can use to your advantage to advance your business. An email list is not subject to algorithm changes or changes in company policies. Businesses such as that have harnessed the full use of email marketing have an edge over their competitors in their industry. Additionally, an email list is more serious and intimate as far as creating relations with customers is concerned.

If you are looking forward to taking your email marketing to the next level, here are a couple of tactics you can use.

Use behaviorally targeted pop-ups

Pop-ups can be controversial but data from different quotas show how effective they can be. The main complaint with pop-ups is that they detract from the user experience and they can be annoying. However, when done right, and if aligned with the page a user is browsing, they can be very effective in capturing vital emails. Depending on the tool you are using, you can target your website visitors based on different factors such as exit intent – when a user is moving their mouse to the exit side of the page, hovering over key website elements, time spend on site and scroll depth.

Optimize your lead magnets

What you offer is just as important as how you offer it. When you ask someone to sign up for your email list, you need to understand that it is an exchange program. To get as many people as possible to sign up, you must make them understand the importance of signing up. It can be as simple as promising content updates to your prospects. You can also make use of lead magnets. With a lead magnet, you aim to share something free such as an ebook, email course, PDF, or free tools, in exchange for their emails.

Create an easier sign-up experience

The next important step is to optimize the signup process. You need to make your potential email sign up prospects to me motivated to sign up. Reduce the information you ask them in the form and reduce the number of steps or clicks needed for submission. You need to boost the trust and credibility of your offer. Do not ask any information that you truly don’t need.

Align your lead magnet

You need to align your lead magnet with the contents of your page. Start by creating an excellent lead magnet and put something out there to get data back on how well it is converting. Create an additional offer and target it specifically at the pages that are best aligned with your content. You can also run contests and games. Anything that allows you to capture as many emails as possible should be used. Don’t be limited in your creativity. There are also other tones of tools and applications you can use to get the best from your email campaigns.

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