Tactics to Build a Bigger Email List for Your Small Business

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There is a common understanding and wisdom among all digital marketers that your email list is an owned property and asset, that you can use to your advantage to advance your business. An email list is not subject to algorithm changes or changes in company policies. Businesses such as https://charlestontowingservice.com/ that have harnessed the full use of email marketing have an edge over their competitors in their industry. Additionally, an email list is more serious and intimate as far as creating relations with customers is concerned.

If you are looking forward to taking your email marketing to the next level, here are a couple of tactics you can use.

Use behaviorally targeted pop-ups

Pop-ups can be controversial but data from different quotas show how effective they can be. The main complaint with pop-ups is that they detract from the user experience and they can be annoying. However, when done right, and if aligned with the page a user is browsing, they can be very effective in capturing vital emails. Depending on the tool you are using, you can target your website visitors based on different factors such as exit intent – when a user is moving their mouse to the exit side of the page, hovering over key website elements, time spend on site and scroll depth.

Optimize your lead magnets

What you offer is just as important as how you offer it. When you ask someone to sign up for your email list, you need to understand that it is an exchange program. To get as many people as possible to sign up, you must make them understand the importance of signing up. It can be as simple as promising content updates to your prospects. You can also make use of lead magnets. With a lead magnet, you aim to share something free such as an ebook, email course, PDF, or free tools, in exchange for their emails.

Create an easier sign-up experience

The next important step is to optimize the signup process. You need to make your potential email sign up prospects to me motivated to sign up. Reduce the information you ask them in the form and reduce the number of steps or clicks needed for submission. You need to boost the trust and credibility of your offer. Do not ask any information that you truly don’t need.

Align your lead magnet

You need to align your lead magnet with the contents of your page. Start by creating an excellent lead magnet and put something out there to get data back on how well it is converting. Create an additional offer and target it specifically at the pages that are best aligned with your content. You can also run contests and games. Anything that allows you to capture as many emails as possible should be used. Don’t be limited in your creativity. There are also other tones of tools and applications you can use to get the best from your email campaigns.

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